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Fast and Safe weight loss programs

PWLC has been doing medically guided diets for going on 50 years now and is approaching the 55 million pounds lost mark.

Our Clients Average 15-30 lbs lost per month!! Depending on the diet chosen.  Real Food, Real Results.

Because of this we have a wide array of customizable diets to fit any clients lifestyle and needs.

Our Core Diets


Very Low Calorie Diet 700


– A low carb, high protein diet for aggressive weight loss
A very low calorie diet adapted from Physicians Weight Loss Centers’ original aggressive diet. Designed for maximum weight loss on a high protein, low carbohydrate program using fresh, grocery store foods.

The Low Carb VLCD 700 program is the original, aggressive Physicians Weight Loss Centers diet. It is an accelerated weight loss plan, designed to provide three pounds or more of weight loss a week. The Low Carb VLCD 700 program is approximately a 700 calorie diet, low in fat and low in cholesterol, and high in protein to help satisfy appetite and provide energy (nutritional breakdown: 20% carbohydrate, 50% protein, 30% fat). The Low Carb VLCD 700 program includes three meals per day that a client can create from a list of fresh food items, carefully selected by our registered dietitian to ensure proper nutrition.

Two high protein nutritional supplements per day have been incorporated to help protect lean muscle while losing weight. Our corporate dietitian has created a specific menu with the right combination of foods designed to help clients feel full, so hunger is not a factor with this program. The fat burning process occurs quickly with this program. As a result, clients have a higher energy level and are constantly motivated. The Low Carb VLCD 700 program is perfect for those individuals who have trouble staying on a diet and who are looking to get their weight off in a shorter amount of time.

Thermogenic Low Calorie Diet 1000


– Weight loss through low carb dieting with flexibility
A low calorie diet that provides a menu of carefully selected foods to control carbohydrate intake while satisfying the appetite. Carbohydrates are limited to the most nutritious choices, yet offers a variety of food choices for flexibility.

Our exclusive Controlled Carb LCD 1000 program features a carefully selected menu of foods that help control blood sugar levels so that your body burns fat more consistently.

It also features foods that help a dieter feel full and satisfied for longer periods. The Controlled Carb LCD 1000 offers a specific balance of higher protein, low fat, and lower carbohydrate levels (45% protein, 30% carbohydrate, 25% fat) through three meals per day. This program is designed to control carbohydrate intake and have the flexibility of enjoying a variety of nutritious, filling foods.

PhysiciansFAST® Meal Replacement Program


– Convenient weight loss for people on-the-go
A low carb, high protein meal replacement program designed with specially formulated puddings, shakes, drinks and crispy bar supplements for variety. This program provides the most structure with calorie and portion control.

PhysiciansFAST® weight loss program is designed to promote quick and healthy weight loss and to encourage long-term weight maintenance. This meal replacement program features supplements that are specially formulated with the highest quality ingredients. Based on the principles of a very low-calorie diet, the PhysiciansFAST® program is carefully designed to assure adequate levels of protein are met while restricting the amount of carbohydrates. This easy-to-follow plan requires four supplements daily along with a dinner meal.

The PhysiciansFAST® supplements provide high quality protein and essential vitamins and minerals and are offered in seven delicious flavors. Dieters may select from a variety of pudding/shakes, crispy bars, and even a creamy chicken soup. These specially formulated supplements also feature a custom blend of active ingredients designed to help suppress appetite, burn fat, boost metabolism, and reduce stress. The PhysiciansFAST® program is perfect for those who don’t have the time to prepare several balanced meals daily or for those who want maximum portion and quality control with aggressive results.

Low Fat/High Energy Programs


– Maximum weight loss on a low fat diet

The Low Fat/High Energy family of programs includes Low Fat/High Energy 900, Low Fat/High Energy 1000 and Low Fat/High Energy 1500. These programs provide approximately 900 calories, 1000 calories or 1500 calories respectively (nutritional breakdown: 45% carbohydrate, 35% protein, 20% fat). These programs follow the guidelines for a healthy diet as recommended by the American Heart Association, the US Department of Agriculture, and the American Cancer Society. These are programs that clients can easily follow and that they can permanently integrate into their daily meals.

The Low Fat/High Energy programs are low in fat and rich in carbohydrate and fiber to help satisfy clients’ appetites and provide energy. These diets are highly recommended by health care professionals because they offer an excellent balance of nutrition through fresh fruits and vegetables, complex carbohydrates and high quality protein.


The Low Fat/High Energy programs incorporate three meals per day of fresh food items selected by our corporate dietitian to ensure proper nutrition while losing weight. These programs are perfect for those individuals who love to plan and prepare their meals and want to follow a more traditional, nutritionally balanced diet.

Low Fat/High Energy 900

– Maximum weight loss on a low fat diet

A low fat, nutritionally balanced diet that is low in calories to provide maximum weight loss.

The Low Fat/High Energy 900 program provides the most structure and control among the three programs. It is great for those who find it easier to stick to a program with food choices that are limited to the most nutritious selections. This program is designed to provide approximately 900 calories for maximum weight loss results.

Low Fat High Energy 1000

– Weight loss with flexibility and variety
A low fat, low calorie diet designed for steady, effective weight loss. This program offers flexibility in meal planning.
The Low Fat/High Energy 1000 program is designed to provide traditional, balanced meals. This program is good for those who prefer a little more variety and flexibility than the Low Fat/High Energy 900 program.

Low Fat High Energy 1500

– Weight loss with flexibility and lifelong weight control
A nutritionally balanced diet designed for steady effective weight loss. This program offers the most variety and more calories for a physically active lifestyle.

The Low Fat/High Energy 1500 program provides the most variety of the three. This is best for those who would like a broader selection of choices and for those who need more calories to support a more active lifestyle.

Laser Body Sculpting and Infrared treatments

For those that want to loose weight and inches with out a diet or just want to slim and tone we offer several different laser body sculpting options specifically to target the hard to loose areas safely and effectively. 

In 30-40 minutes of spa like treatment you can loose 1/2 inch to 3 inches on the target area.  No down time, no surgery and no pain.

On top of this we have our personal infrared body wraps so you can sweat away the pounds, detox, restore skin elasticity and assist in pain relief.

B-12 and Lipotropic B-Complex Injections

We also offer both types of B injections in house.  Metabolism boosting, provide more restful sleep, improve your immune system and provide many other health benefits.

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